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Man of the House
by Mariposa Cruz

Book 1 in the Knit & Brews series

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As a single mom with a demanding job as a hospital buyer, Meg Campbell’s life is her son, Keagan and her work. After her mom’s unexpected death, she discovers close friends through her knitting circle, Knit & Brews, but she yearns for more. When Keagan moves into his own place, Meg dreams of a new chapter in her life. Those dreams screech to halt when her rascal father arrives at her door with a suitcase.

Jake Weston met Meg during a dark day in her life. He anticipates a bright future with her if he could only get his own house in order. His teenage daughter barely speaks to him and his ne’er do well younger brother hints about moving in with their mom.

Can Meg and Jake untangle complicated family ties to build a life together?



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